The company which is one of the leaders in digital projectors market, but also in sound and audiovisual systems. Arttech Cinema cooperates with Christie for more than ten years.

Christie digital projectors are known from their simplicity, superior image quality and low cost of ownership. The company also offers media blocks, amplifiers and cinema sound systems named Vive Audio. The cinema systems utilize off-shell servers, which significantly lowers investment costs and facilitates service. The company also offers large halls sets, consisting of two paired high power projectors. All Christie cinema projectors are equipped with light processors built on the basis of Texas Instruments chips. Also, all Christie cinema projectors are designed to support the high frame rate (HFR - 48 or more frames per second). The company has in it's offer a wide range of accessories - lamps, lenses, automation, pedestals, etc.

All Christie cinema projectors sold by Arttech Cinema are DCI compliant, which is required to obtain digital film copies from distributors. see Christie
Fitted with 0.69" chip DLP TI S2K CP2208 projector is designed for the smaller halls, with the screens up to 10.7 m width at 1.0 gain. Suggested xenon lamps 700W – 2.3 kW provide high cost efficiency. Fully motorized lens system allows for precise focus adjustments. Due to open slot, it is possible to choose media block from the market offer.
CP2208 projector variant, fitted with phosphor laser as a light source. No xenon lamp is needed, thus the exploatation costs are drastically reduced. Extraordinarily extended lifetime - 30 000 hours, at an ambient temperature below 25ºC. Brightness and contrast similar to those of CP2208.
World's most compact projector, suited not only for the cinemas, but for post production studios as well. Utilizing medium 0.98" 2K chip, CP2215 without any problem projects an image onto the screens up to 15 m wide. Thanks to small dimensions and low weight (55 kg), it can be installed almost in any place. The light is provided by 1 - 2.3 kW lamps.
Solaria CP2220
CP2220 is a perfectly designed projector for bigger screens, less than 21.3 m. It makess a cost efficient solution that provides both high brightness and contrast, all of these thanks to large DLP 2K 1.2" light processing chips. Works with low power lamps of 2-3 kW. Possible upgrade to 4K.
Solaria CP2230
This projector gives a ideal solution for big halls. Powerful (2 – 6 kW) lamps and perfect lenses provide bright and clear image on a screens up to 30.5 meters. Although working normally at 2K resolution, it is upgradeable to 4K. It is one of the brightest projectors on the market (33 000 lumens).
Solaria CP4220
Projector of so called Series 2, working at 4K resolution (1.4" chip), due to a patented Brilliant3D™ technology perfectly suited either for a 3D projection, or for alternative content playback. Allows for integrated media block use. Low power 2-3 kW lamps, make a low cost projection on the 21.3 m wide screens possible.
Solaria CP4230
4K 1.4" projector, designed for big halls, with up to 32 m screen. Brilliant3D™ technology ensures excellent quality of 3D projection and alternative content playback as well, without the need of scaling of the latter, at the same time reducing operating costs to a lowest level for this class of projectors. Like the CP4220, it is adapted to display 3D material at 4K and HFR.
CP42LH is a top design of a laser RGB projection. With the brightness of 60 000 lumens i color gamut, exceeding DCI P3 requirements, Solaria CP42LH is a most advanced cinema laser RGB projection system on the market. Available in a single-head (3P) or twin-head (6P) configuration, Solaria CP42LH offers a phenomenal solution for the halls with up to 32 m screen. Decrease of the brightness to a level as small as 80% of initial value, occurs after 30 000 working hours.
It is a double projection system projekcji podwójnej – it means a set which allows for pairing of the two projectors (CP2220, 2230, 4220 and 4230, or as a integration set for other Christie projectors) for obtaining better image parameters. The goal is to assign one projector to each of 3D channels – the image will be then twice as bright, and without any artefacts which occur when the channels are switched. Using the Christie DuoAlign™ software, you will perfectly align both channelc for the viewer's comfort.


Barco is one of the biggest cinema digital projector manufacturers on the world.

Barco projectors most important features are hermetically sealed light path and modular design for easy service. They are manufactured in various sizes, covering most applications - from small theaters, with a few-meter screens, to large cinemas, with screens 30 m wide. The company offers specially adapted projectors for boothless cinemas. These projectors are integrated with server and media block. Virtually all Barco projectors are suited for HFR playback, as well as alternative content.

All Barco cinema projectors sold by Arttech Cinema are DCI compliant. see: Barco
Fully integrated compact projector designed specifically for smaller halls and boothless type cinemas. It works very well in TMS (Theatre Management System) environments, and as a stand-alone unit as well. Equipped with a small 0.69" TI chip and short-arc 1.2 - 2.2 kW lamp, DP2K-10Sx is suitable for screens up to 10 m wide, with gain of 1.2. It possess an integral storage server and media block. Utilizing so called intelligent software, the projector informs the user about the deficiencies in projection material or in the digital keys.
The 2K projector with 0.98" TI chip, and the 1.2 - 2 kW lamp, designed to work with screens max. 12 m wide. 14 fL of light necessary, in accordance with the DCI for 2D projection, requires a the screen gain at 1.2 level. It can be equipped with an integrated server and media block, which gives significantly lower operating costs.
Like the smaller 10Sx, DP2K-15Cx is an integrated projector working in 2K resolution, having a built-in media block and server. It is equipped with SMS - Screen Management Software. 0.98" TI chip and 1.2 - 3 kW xenon lamp provide 14 fL (footLambert) light onto the screen up to 15 m wide at the 1.4 gain. Projector body is standard for a Barco medium size series.
The 2K projector with 0.98" TI chip, and the 1.2 - 4 kW lamp, designed to work with screen max. 20 m wide. Required by DCI for 2D projection 14 fL of light is achieved at gain 1.8. It can be equipped with an integrated server and media block.
The smallest of Barco projectors based on a large (1.2 ") 2K Texas Instruments chip, DP2K-19B is designed for halls with a max. 19 m screen. Large chip and 1.2 - 3 kW lamp provide a high brightness image. The projector has all typical Barco design features: modular design, hermetically sealed light path, and the ability to integrate with server and media block. Standard case for Barco B series (with 1.2" chip).
2K projector from B series, equipped with 1.2" chip, designed for venues with a screen up to 23 meters wide. Equipped with a 1.2 - 4 kW lamp. It has all the features of a 19B type, the body is also the same.
The most powerful 2K projector of utilizing 1.2-inch chip B series, recommended for biggest venues with screen width up to 32 m. Factory 6.5 kW lamp provides 33 000 lumens of light while 7 kW lamp - up to 1000 lumens more. Other features - typical for Barco; housing as for the entire B series.
The most powerful Barco projector working in 4K resolution, recommended for venues with screen width up to 32 m. 4K 1.38" TI chips and factory 7 kW lamp, allow for 34 000 lumens bright light. It has all the features typical for Barco projectors.


Christie IMB Solution
Fully integrated media block solution designed for use with 2K and 4K Solaria Series projectors. It consists of a basic Christie IMB-S2 media block and Christie NAS-S2network storage. It has the ability to support the HFR 48/60 fps in 3D, as well as an intuitive projection management system. Supports Dolby Atmos.

The integrated media server giving much cheaper solution compared to a stand-alone server. It has a 2 TB memory storage, organized in a RAID 5. Supports Dolby Atmos. Material ingesting by the ethernet link, eSATA socket or USB 3.0.

DCP2K4 is a development of a DCP-2000, which is the most popular server produced by Doremi before joining with Dolby. Its storage is increased to 6 TB, which makes DCP2K4 the most powerful in this respect in the market. Ingesting the material not only by SATA socket, but also from a DVD. Doremi servers are commonly used, and no doubt they do follow the strict forefront.
The server is a continuation of well recognized DCP2K4, but without a media block (recently often mounted directly straight in the projector). However, you can order ShowVault with the IMB media block, also made by Doremi. It has outstanding features, e.g. intuitive interface and the ability to scale the image up to 2K and 4K, and 6 TB storage as well.

USL Inc.
Media server integrated with 1.5, 2 or 3 TB of storage memory. Supports 4K 2D and HFR 2K 2D and 3D (up to 60 fps) and 16-channel audio. Complies with the DCI requirements. It has a dual output for paired projectors support. Ingesting the material via the eSATA socket or USB 3.0.


Dolby 3D
The basis of Dolby 3D operation is a separation of light into three bands, each of which is again divided into the left and right eye channels. Such a system causes a large loss of light (efficiency approx. 12%), but provides the same 3D effect from anywhere in the hall, also it does not require investment in the silver screen. Artifacts resulting from the channels separation are virtually non-existent. The heart of the system is a color filter in the form of a rotating disc installed inside the projector. Not all of the projectors are designed for the Dolby 3D installation. Dolby 3D glasses are passive, reusable.

DepthQ Standard
A system operating on the principle of circular polarization, left for one eye and right for the other. It provides a relatively high efficiency of light - approx. 15%. Thanks to the extremely short switching time (50 μsec), the system handles the HFR in the range of 96 to 400 fps. The system requires a high gain silver screen. The quality of the 3D effect depends on the viewing angle - the larger the angle, the weaker the effect. However, these are typical features of all polarization systems. Polarization glasses are passive, disposable.
DepthQ CineBright™
Introduced in 2016, new LightSpeed polarization system provides very high light output ratio of 28-31% (depending on the quality of glasses), very short switching time (50 μsec) and the ability to use with large projectors, having lamp power up to 7 kW, without danger of overheating. The 3D effect is correct in larger range of viewing angles than in the former systems. The system is adapted to HFR. Passive polarization glasses, disposable.

The main element of the system is a polarizer in the form of so-called Z-screen, attached to the projector on a sliding bracket. You can easily switch between the projection from 2D to 3D and back. The features of a system are efficiency of approx. 19% and a fairly large viewing angle for proper 3D effect. It can be used for projectors of up to 7 kW. Passive polarization glasses, disposable.
The simplest MasterImage polarization system. Main part is a rotating polarizer, set in front of the lens, so it can be easily moved from booth to booth. Works with projectors with lamps up to 7 kW. Light parameters typical as for circular polarization systems. Passive polarization glasses, disposable.

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